Tuesday, June 10, 2008

By the way

I'm still around.

Google now has Google Health in beta. Yay for more free applications and open standards!

And, the fourth edition of D&D recently came out. Can't wait to get a look at that. I don't who to link for that, it's all over.

In other news, the Japanese economy just can't get off the ground... the article is confusing, though. If their concern is that prices are high, shouldn't they raise interest rates to slow inflation? They're not raising rates, so their concern is presumably low investment, but the article doesn't seem to reflect that. They're a little too tight on policy for my tastes.

I urge everyone to follow Zimbabwean news, though it's of particular interest to me, as it portends to me the future of Venezuela.

Speaking of which, Venezuela beat Brazil in soccer for the first time ever! 2-0! I just hope that Venezuela's World Cup qualifier match against Uruguay on Saturday goes well (though, it's admittedly unlikely due to such a new coach).

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