Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama, international news, local news, and energy

Conservative University of Chicago law school professors apparently say good things about Obama--they might even vote Democrat this time 'round. Maybe. (h/t Mankiw)

China's getting ready for the Olympics.

Scary story about the Venezuelan murder rate.

Brazoria county has outdated levees? I guess that's not something we hear about in the city.

I recently saw two neat things. One is a device that draws water from the air and turns it into filtered water, with no electricity. Brilliant idea, and it should be sent to Africa. The other was a Science Channel show on alternative energies--new solar panels, solar plants, wind mills, and cities that use new alternative energy technology to produce all of its own energy. Nice. Texas should look at this new wind mill design before they build those new wind mills.

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