Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cool sites, cultural cities, OLED laptops, and a Walkman.

Companies that people should be aware of, use, and potentially spread to Houston: Mint, Red Fin, White Fence, Zipcar, and Kiva.

Houston ranked #8 in the Forbes list of America's Cultural Tourism Capitals. Houston probably should have ranked a bit higher--especially considering we have more visitors than most of the cities ranked higher and we also have a more broad definition of "cultural" than most cities. Still, it's nice to be recognized.

Samsung says that they'll have an OLED laptop in around Q3 of next year. It's already been pushed back, and I think it'll get pushed back again. OLEDs are super low power consumption and super high quality, so I'm pretty excited about it. And, it's a neat prototype. There's no touchpad on there, but I'm thinking it'd be neat if there were a toggle key that turned the alpha keys into one big touchpad. Ah, to dream...

Sony's coming out with a new Walkman. I like the long battery life, and recording the FM radio is neat. FM-DVR anyone? I wonder when we'll have digital radio on these things.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone!

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