Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Astroids and Netbooks

An asteroid narrowly missed the earth yesterday. I didn't know an asteroid hit the earth in 1908! I wonder what would have happened if that asteroid had hit the moon, a much smaller ball of mass. Though, I guess, the craters on the moon indicate it's been hit a lot before...

Speaking of which, China did hit the moon. On purpose. They apparently want to send people to the moon in around two years. Go China! Talk about shooting for the moon.

I want one of these. A four-in-one netbook, handheld gaming device, e-book reader, and touch-based tablet. Currently retailing at $399 isn't too bad!

And, as reported on my other blog, Intel is trying to get its Atom into other devices. I really like a lot of products in the past year or so, despite the slump you'd expect from the economy. Although, I'd guess a lot of the low cost stuff--netbooks being a cheap substitute for laptops, for example--are a response to the economy.

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