Monday, March 30, 2009

Video games, smart power, Adu, Dynamo, populations

Video games improve your brain's performance. Gaming white-collar professionals are more confident and social, and gaming surgeons make fewer mistakes. Also, video games sharpen eyesight.

Smart power grids might be vulnerable to hackers. I think that's probably a relatively minor concern, since security vulnerabilities are something that can be dealt with.

Freddy Adu's in the US for a little while, and he spoke to reporters. He says he's doing well. Apparently, it's pretty normal for 19 year-olds to not play in "serious European clubs," so he's just working hard to get a chance. I suppose he's in a great place to train, though.

Speaking of soccer, the Houston Dynamo try to secure funding to get their stadium built. Is it getting closer?

Houston added the second most number of people to its population , a recent survey says. Second, behind Dallas. Percentage-wise, Austin is the second fastest growing city.

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